Cobb Hill Iclandics are raised with intensive rotational grazing on the grasses, clovers, shrubs, and varied pasture plants on the Cobb Hill farm.  Our lambs are guarded by Effie the llama. Three families jointly tend these sheep: Don Seville and Colleen Lannon, John Bartholomew, and Hal Hamilton & Susan Sweitzer.

Our lambs grow on grass and their own mothers’ milk. Our 2016 Lambs page will be completely updated with photos of our best lambs for sale for breeding, by the end of April. Our newest flock sire "Olafur," a moorit ram, produced more beautiful chocolate colored ewe and ram lambs for us this year. We also have some striking black and brown spotted lambs.  All our lambs are well muscled for breeding, as well as our grassfed meat sales. 

The grass (versus grain) helps the lambs develop good marbling without adding too much fat to the edges of the meat. The added nutrition of ewe’s milk gives our lamb an extra measure of flavor and enhances the tenderness of the meat, while helping the lambs grow quickly. Our lamb is tender and light tasting -- simply delicious. You will be hard pressed to find better tasting lamb. Not only is it a healthy red meat and good for you, but the mild and distinctive taste is more than memorable. Our lambs are given no antibiotics, no hormones, and no exposure to pesticides or herbicides.